This afternoon conference call on World Cup 2026

By Sean McCaffery, October 24, 2017

To go over a survey and discuss progress made by the Joint North American Bid (USA, Canada & Mexico) there is a call, here are some brief points of the survey. 

- Just over half, 55% of all adults watched the Men's FIFA World Cup in the past.

- VIewership in Mexico is all but half of the USA 83% v 45%, and Canada 47%.

- In Mexico again almost 2x the avid watchers of this tourney with 33% & as USA has 17% and Canada 11%.

- 34% in North America are occasionla watchers of the World Cup, Mexico is 50%, Canada 36% and the USA just   28%. 

- 43% of all have never watched a WC match, 53% from USA, 50% Canada, Mexico surprised me with 15%.

- 61% of all are at least a little interested in soccer to with 40% being very/somewhat interested. Mexicans at 67% are   very/somewhat interested,, US 30% & Canadians 31%.

- 38% have no interest in soccer, US 47%, Canada 43%, with  Mexico at 13%.

- Knowing of the Unified Bid, 34% knew of it, 54% had  no knowledge and 12% were unsure. Mexico had an   awareness rate of 56%, Canada 32% folowoed by the US with 26%.

- Across the three nations, 77% are in favor of a joint bid, 43% being very supportive of this collaboration. 8%  are   not strongly/somewhat opposed,16% do not know.

There are many other things covered in the survey but now I must connect into the hotline for the conference call