How did Jill Ellis get to her final roster for the USWNT and Concacaf games

By Sean McCaffery, October 10, 2018

Let me open with, I am hot happy that Long Islander Allie Long is not there, this is NOT homerism, she is playing well in the NWSL and doing so in the top league in the world merits her being here, ok enough of that.

Seeing 60 players in camp after the closing of the 2016 Olympics and more than 2/3's of them seeing game time she has been looking at many players. There have been countless formations, lineups, positions played and first camps for a good number of younger players, that how you get to 60. There have been a strong core of players carrying through, some are younger players others are not, it has been a heady time to be considered coming out of last year, this present group will get the best looks forging ahead, bear in mind this year alone more than 75% of those, 34  have in fact been in games. 

Since Oct. 2016, By The #'s:

60-total of players getting the call up

29 - first time call ups

44- players getting game time

19-players getting their first caps, rougly half getting regualr time, conspicuous by her absence, member of the NWSL champs and MVP of the Final, Jessica McDonald. Not to worry Long Islanders,              she will will be at St. Dominics athletic complex on Oct. 21 for a clinic and meet and greet.