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By Anonymous (not verified), September 25, 2022
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Good morning, y'all. Your pal Sam here. Let's soccer.



MLS Kickoff StoryIt’s the Sunday morning of the last international break of the season. Let’s not think too hard. Let’s just sit back and watch some goals.I personally took on the burden of watching every single AT&T Goal of the Week from this season so I could pick out and order a top ten. I just want you to know who the favorite is for Goal of the Year heading into the last two weeks. Yes, it’s not the most ideal way to select a top ten since Goal of the Week just ends up being some kind of tap-in for an Atlanta United/Seattle player every now and then, but I have to believe our true winner is buried in here somewhere.**Update: I watched all the goals. It’s really, really hard to pick a Goal of the Year. Here we go anyway…Honorable mentions: Efrain Alvarez silences Charlotte - Week 2, Leo Campana’s turn and fire against Atlanta - Week 8, Gonzalo Higuain kills the ball dead - Week 23, Roger Espinoza chips CF Montréal10. Luiz Araujo rolls past Toronto - Week 16Luiz Araujo hasn’t quite reached the heights some of us (me) were expecting this season. But, c’mon, when he can do things like this, can you really blame anyone for thinking he might be talented enough to make a Best XI? Everything happens so quickly here it’s hard to process but the last ball roll to set up the poke past the keeper makes this one of the best goals of the year.Yes, I recognize the lack of awareness of complaining about Atlanta/Seattle players winning on tap-ins then immediately putting a goal from an Atlanta United player from like five feet away into the top ten. In my defense, this one was really, really cool.9. Luquinhas chip - Week 15Our first entry into this top ten of the “I YELLED ‘SHOOT!’ AT MY TV AND THE PERSON ON THE SCREEN DID IT” variety. The chaotic nature of this one bumps the aesthetic value up and the efforts of both the goalkeeper and a defender attempting helplessly to stop the same perfectly-placed chip make it one of the best goals of the year.8. Raul Ruidiaz finishes off a 22-pass buildup - Week 12We had to do one team goal or someone was going to get mad. It appropriately comes from the reigning CCL champions. 22 passes and a whole lot of quality from start to finish from Seattle here.7. Riqui Puig introduces himself - Week 28Ya know, if anyone had any concerns about LA shipping out Rayon Raveloson to make way for Puig, this was a really good way to go ahead and quiet those quickly. The movement, the speed of thought on the one-two and, of course, the finish showcased exactly why Puig made a name for himself at La Masia.6 (tie). Adam Buksa’s bananas backheel - Week 136 (tie). Chicharito’s big-time backheel - Week 32This is pretty much the same exact goal except one is scored with grace of a lanky 6’ 3” guy and the other is scored with the grace and swagger of Chicharito. Both are beautiful in their own way.5. Yimmi Chara overhead- Week 1I bet you forgot that Portland’s attack to start the season was almost entirely based on Yimmi Chara overhead kicks. I remember at least four of them but I might be off there. Anyway, Chara’s week one stunner was his best though and capped off the wildest game of opening weekend.We’re simple around here. You give us an overhead with quality execution and we’re going to find a way to include it in a list.4. Ismael-Tajoui Shradi off the half volley over the shoulder - Week 7To take a long ball off the hop at the edge of the box and decide in that moment to thump it with your left foot *AND* actually execute it without sending it over the top of the stadium? It’s outstandingly difficult. Shradi did every possible thing right here and I love him for it.Ok, yeah, the goalkeeper’s positioning isn’t great here. But if the goalkeeper’s positioning was great on all of these, we wouldn’t have any of them.3. Sebastian Ferreira from midfield - Week 9I YELLED ‘SHOOT!’ AT MY TV AND THE PERSON ON THE SCREEN DID IT.2. Domenico Criscito volleys home his first MLS goal - Week 26This is the opposite of Sebastian Ferreira’s in that no one really expected a shot from this one and it’s because we’re all visionless and lack the brilliant forethought of Domenico Criscito. It would have been absurd to even get this on frame and yet he takes it cleanly off the volley and sends a fastball into the back of the net. Unreal technique, wild ambition and a fantastic goal.1. Sebastian Driussi torches the Red Bulls - Week 22Did I mention deciding on a number one was really hard? I eventually settled here. Because despite the incredible finishes on other goals, this is the one where one person took on an entire team and won. Driussi receives the ball at the edge of the center circle, brings it forward, makes a Red Bull defender look goofy, out paces a couple of more defenders and gets off a world class shot as a couple of more close in. You could make an argument for the other goals on this list (and probably a few that didn’t make it), but for me this was the most outstanding goal of the season. So far anyway. We’ve still got two weeks for someone to change that.


  • Philadelphia Union, Chicago Fire beat Liga MX's Pachuca, Leon in friendlies: With the September international break ongoing, three MLS teams played Liga MX opponents on Saturday night at home. The Philadelphia Union had the most reason to celebrate after beating Pachuca 1-0, while Chicago Fire FC got past Club Leon on penalty kicks after a 1-1 draw. Meanwhile, FC Dallas fell 3-0 to Tigres UANL.



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