United Soccer Coaches announce Commitment to Culture

By Sean McCaffery, October 10, 2018

This, the largest community for Soccer coaches in the world has been around since 1941 and each year has their annual convention, 2019 will see it in Chicago. What they have done is established 7 key areas and this "Commitment to Culture" was put together by coaches, for coaches developing a culture promoting the best of soccer and change it from not soley what occurs on the field but to extend it to the lives of players, coaches, administrators, referees, families and friends alike. This is a  promise to develop a different optomistic culture here in the states. These 7 areas were a product of the most recent convention in Philly this year where coaches from all aspects of the game, pro, college, high school, competitive and rec. joined their efforts to examine the culture or I feel lack thereof in the US for Soccer. This came on the heels of the USMNT and their failure to qualify for the World Cup coupled with losses in soccer participation. Charged with coming up with a blueprint of basic idealologies for the coaches at large together to uphold and help succeed. United Soccer Coaches in being the one to bring all together and speak for a joining together of these coaches at all levels came up with these items in the summit and during its wake to create this culture.

The Beliefs:

1. Soccer unites us.

2. Character first.

3. The rule of fun.

4. The game is the teacher.

5. Well being.

6. We are family strong.

7. Soccer is the player's game.

Thr group's CEO, Lunn Berling-Manuel, with whom I sat with two years ago at the high school All-American luncheon stated, "We're thankful and proud of the effort of the many coaches  who participated in this process. SOCCER UNITES US". Group Prez., Lesle Gallimore had this to say,  " It has been widely reported recently that youth are quitting soccer in record numbers. I  strongly believe in THE RULE OF FUN. Lesle is the Head COach at the University of Washington.

My thoughts are that a quote here by Manfred Schellscheidt that was altered just a tad at #4 is the most important of all as far as the game goes, however the most vital of all is #5, lacking that all in one's life is off kilter

There is an online platfrom to take this pledge, UnitedSoccerCoaches.org/Culture. ALe ther you will find a toolkit for programs to advance this, added will be more and best practices.