WC 2016 Conference Call Update

By Sean McCaffery, October 24, 2017

For the most part the conference call rehashed the numbers, some of which have already been stated here. there were a few questions aside from that and they include:

- How the bid might be in impacted if Sunil is not re elected? The reply was that the FIFA requirements are more on their mind, Sunil is the chair and that the election is with US Soccer.

- The follow up to that was if he is not elected does that cause any changes, the reply was with us, no.

- Asked if the # of venues would impact the economics of the cup, yes more cities would be more costs.

- Asked if the cities beaing near or far are good are bad. The answer was both good to lessen travel and bad as it does not spread out the games if nearby.

- With Canada getting 2/3 sites what about Olympic Stadium in Montreal. The reply was the city is still in the running with talks ongoing about the site.

- Asked on a preference it was explained theat more cities are better but having hosted the U-20 twice and the most recent Women's cup no issues expected.

- It was asked how the Mexican fans feel about so few cities. The reply was that the new FIFA regualtions nearby airport etc reduce it to Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara.

Many questions asked had already been asked and addressed here so no need to mention them. The focus publicly at least is to do the bid not worry about the USSF election. Though Gulati does head both, I am certain he would retain his spot with the bid and continue with its moving forward. The city list will be pared down as the date approaches to submit the bid.